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    Bearcats Challenge

    Get ready for the Bearcats Challenge!
    Click the calendar below to discover the various sessions offered. To read the description of a session, click the session title. Sessions are offered in several different categories:
    • Application Basics
    • Bearcats Business
    • Major Decisions
    • Uniquely UC
    • Your NEXT Home
    As a reminder, here’s how you play… 

    Red Status 
    Attend 3 events to earn Red Status. Each event must be from a different category. 

    Black Status 
    Earn Red Status. 
    Attend 2 additional events. These must be from the categories you haven’t explored yet. (Now you've attended an event in every category!)
    Engage with us on social media.

    Bearcats Ready 
    Earn Red and Black Status. 
    Attend 5 additional events (1 more from each category) for a total of 10 events completed.
    Unavailable / Filled
    Not Scheduled
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